Completed Web Designer project on TiTo by Greg
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Completed this project for £150



Sheila was looking for a Web Designer

Project Description:

We are looking for someone to create a simple website for us that contains images, videos, text and a live twitter feed

We have all the content but just need it put together. It will have around 6 pages

Doesn’t need to be ecommerce but we’ll like people to have the option to click onto our amazon pages

Wanted: Web Designer

Sheila's Feedback:

Greg was polite pleasant and well meaning with decent communication.

Seemed to have reasonable technical capabilities however I’m not a technical person so a lot of what he tried to explain to me was quite confusing.

He needed quite a lot of direction regarding the design elements, in terms of what visually looks decent and acceptable. I’m afraid to say, the website design was not anything like I had asked for and I had to get TiTo support to help finish the design on the project. I’m sure he tried his best though!

TiTo was an incredible support and I am absolutely delighted with the final site that they created for me to support Greg.


Project Outcome:

Waiting on student to upload finished work...