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Case Study by Shannon

Skills involved: Book & Magazine Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, Photoshop Editing
Published: 11th Apr

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My Role & The Project Objective

My role in the group editorial project was to assist with the design of the book publication ‘St Paul’s Survives’. This consisted of layout design, bookbinding, photo editing and photography.

The Problem

My group and I produced the publication in response to the drastic aftermath of the WW2 London bomb sites. The aim for the project was to get the stories of the victims of WW2 heard.

My Solution

We chose to visit the St Paul’s Cathedral site in order to experience a first hand feel of what really happened at the scene. Gathering historical materials, library archive records and photographs, we were able to help illustrate it’s nearby stories of WW2.

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Hey! I'm currently in my third year of my BA Graphic Design course at The University Of The Arts London and have a great interest in Edi... read more

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