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Case Study by Shannon

Skills involved: Book & Magazine Design, Brand Design, Flyer & Poster Design, Logo Animation, Motion Graphic
Published: 11th Apr

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My Role & The Project Objective

My role within this project was to create a brand identity using a series of implementations including, business cards, letterheads, tote bags, product bags and t-shirts.

The Problem

My aim for the project was to create an identity that combined both spiritual and barber aspects within the brand, using these implimemtations to portray the style of service the barbershop provided.

My Solution

Within my brand identity project I experimented with a series of medias to ensure that the design outcome responded well to the project brief. These medias included, experimentations with screenprint, digital print, monoprint, relief print and typeface design.

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Hey! I'm currently in my third year of my BA Graphic Design course at The University Of The Arts London and have a great interest in Edi... read more

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