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Skills involved: UI & UX Design, Web & Mobile Design
Published: 11th Apr

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My Role & The Project Objective

On this project I was the lead UX designer, working with a team of researchers. I was tasked with creating designs to tests with users of the national rail site (m.nationalrail.co.uk). Tests would be ran for only 10% of users.

The Problem

We wanted to improve overall journey plan queries by moving the journey planner to the home page.

We hypothesised that reducing overall click rate to get to the results page will result in overall improvements in results page and hand-off.

My Solution

The solution was fairly simple, moving the current journey planner to the home page. Minimal design changes were made.

Results and Observations Overview:
• Placing the Journey Planner form fields on the homepage led to much greater interaction with the form itself and brought significantly more visitors to the Results page.

• The increased throughput to the Results page led to notably higher hand-off rates. Hand offs are the amount of users we sent to train company websites to but a ticket.

• Potential value (per annum): +134,000 hand-offs or +£5.4 million additional hand off revenue.

• Based on 4 million visitors a month and average order value of 40 GBP.

Including the Journey Planner form fields on the homepage greatly increased the number of visitors reaching the Results page.

Efosa's Profile Pic

Born in Nigeria and raised in Hoxton, London Efosa Omorogbe is a UX Executive at National Rail & Co-founder of TiTo —The Student Experience... read more

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